5 Most Common Innovation Models and Theories

Innovation Models and Theories
Innovation as a term means a new idea. Innovation is a new idea that is being implemented in society. It can be of any type like technology, social or cultural aspects. There are some models and theories that can tell you how innovation is being practised. Innovation models and applications are in diverse domains. The innovations can be both sustaining and disruptive. Sustaining means, they were already present in the society after some improvement. Disruptive innovations are new ideas coming to market. It creates a vacuum for new products. These models are being provided by the innovation management study. This field of study provides a diverse range of theories and models. If you can learn the basic innovation models and theories it will help study the complex ones too.

Here are the most common innovative models and theories shared by experts of dissertation proposal writing services that are helpful. These innovative models will focus on regulation. You can also learn about the type of innovations here. The life cycle of innovation is described here as well. The cycle of innovation is different. At the start of business, you may have a high output. The high output can be due to new trends in the market. The output generally decreases after the passing of these trends.

Theory Of Jobs-To-Be-Done:

This theory focuses on the outcome first approach. People tend to think ahead and want quick services. As it says that people do not want a drill, they want a hole. This theory believes that people buy products that are outcome driven. They have a jobs-to-be-done approach. New businesses are looking for such products that are easy to use and can do the job quick and fast. People are busy in career, ready-made things, foods, clothes, and other innovations are also in demand. The other traditional innovations are the existing versions of the products. They are not quick and outcome driven. The job-to-be-done is the type of innovation that is quick, easy, and fast result providing.

The Three-Horizon Model:

It is a well-known model that is being used for organizational change. It gives a structure to the initiatives. It manages a balance between short and long-term projects. The three Horizon model uses three horizons to maximize growth. If a company works on three Horizons at once it will cause rapid growth. One of these three horizons is working on the present products. It will improve the quality of the product and its market value. The second Horizon is to continue to find new innovation opportunities. Your product or company will never go old by this approach. You can improve the existing product or make new compatible ones. Third Horizon is building new transformational model business. Keep looking for opportunities. Spread your business in terms of products and places. The three-horizon model is being applied by many companies. They are creating new products every day. the new products are even more efficient than previous ones.

Theory Of Ten Types Of Innovations:

This is a marketing and business innovation theory. It aims to work for the opportunities and to look for breakthroughs. The market is changing every day with the creation of new products. The preferences of people are also changing. Everyone wants the latest, organic, and quick delivery products. Taking for example the food industry, where every day new products are being created. The new products are more consumer accepted than before. The customers are also gaining awareness. People tend to have their own concept of the product they want. They access the information of each product in the market. Internet is a blessing for easy access. After awareness, they make up their mind to buy a specific product.

They go to the market and look for the item in question. So keep identifying new opportunities. Other than product improvement, you should also look into the methods of process. Technology is introducing new machines every day. Technology can also make it easy to produce bulk products in less time. Manpower is being replaced by new technology. The theory of ten innovations makes you look into the different aspects of a product. Instead of making different versions of same product, you should broaden the focus. Improvement in channel, process of production, as well as engagement strategy of the customer is necessary. The network of production and distribution also provides a margin of improvement.

Innovator’s Dilemma:

This innovation is a disruptive type of innovation theory. The introduction of new products or innovations in the market. It infers to the existing products and services of the market. The creating of new innovation has a certain dilemma attached to it. The new product is not accepted at once in the market. It needs years to develop its customer acceptance. Product improvement also takes a lot of time. The value of the customer is not a priority. If you are introducing a new product in the market and it is not accepted at once. The product will not have high customer attraction at this point. Rational decision making can take your product towards long running success.

Lean Innovation Model:

This innovation model demands product improvement through feedback. The feedback received from the customers is important. It can help make a customer value product. The quality of improvement will be fast and quick in this model. The initial testing and prediction is not necessary. It will introduce in less time. It will also reduce the waste created in making the product. For example, in the food industry, customer acceptance is important. The new products with less waste production.


According to experts of a dissertation proposal help firm, innovation is a part of evolution. Every day new products are being introduced in every industry. Companies can use innovative models and theories to predict success. Not all innovations are acceptable. The customers are the main players of the product industry. Their preferences and likeness are being changed every day. If you are making a product in the market, there is always a scope for improvement. Always look for further opportunities and breakthroughs. Keep on improving and introducing new products. Customer value innovations are most accepted.

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